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    Kilgore Engineering
    Leading experts in the field of electrical
    fires and failures
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    Electrical Failure Analysis and Investigation
    Electrical Fire and Explosion Analysis
    State of the Art Electrical
        Laboratory & Testing Processes
    Expert Testimony
    Litigation Consultation
    Laboratory simulation testing of
        electrical failures
    Microscopic analysis and documentation
    Real-time x-ray analysis

Leading experts in the field of electrical fires and failures

Specializing in the study, analysis and investigation of electrical fires and failures, Kilgore Engineering brings a depth of experience and a commitment to delivering answers that are expertly analyzed and professionally presented. Dedicated to delivering a high level of performance, response and cost effective service, Kilgore Engineering’s team of professionals are consistently sought out for their expertise, uncompromising integrity and unique case experiences. A full service forensic electrical engineering firm, Kilgore Engineering investigative engineering services are supported by a fully-equipped electrical lab featuring real time x-ray imaging, automated data acquisition and professional photographic equipment. Founded in 1995, Kilgore Engineering provides services to a wide spectrum of industries including legal, insurance, electrical utilities, oil and gas, HVAC manufactures and electrical equipment manufactures and component providers.